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I'm Natty Coleman, a designer of products, interfaces, interactions and experiences for both things on screen and on paper. I have 10 years of experience in solving problems and helping people achieve goals and get things done. I've worked with some incredibly talented teams on awesome challenges under ridiculous budgets and near-impossible deadlines. I've stayed up way too late, way too often answering the two questions that keep me focused, passionate, and curious: how? why?


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Sprig's mission is to make it simple for anyone to have healthy organic and affordable food brought to them in minutes. Money, time, and life's general mayhem shouldn't be an excuse for anyone not to eat well and care about both what goes in their bodies and how it's grown.

My time here as the only designer supporting a rapidly growing business has been extremely educational. So far we've tackled rebranding, developing a new design language, and designing a new app for three platforms. On top of all of this (and the always impossible deadlines) we are also rethinking the concept of a delivery experience. Many new services have recently sprung up to bridge the gap between digital and physical with real world applications, but we are always pushing to make this a truly elevated experience, one that is based on hospitality and trust.

This rebrand and redesign was undertaken to help close the communcation gap between what we promise and prepare for the customer and what the customer recieves and percieves. There is an incredible story to tell from when our kitchen gets its local organic produce in the morning to the orchestration of preparing thousands of meals for customers later that day.

Give the app a spin and download it HERE.

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Sprig main websiteWireframe sketches of appPlanning process with teamSpur app schedule screenSpur app map screen


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XANGO has always been at the forefront of maintaining clean and modern design language and brand standards, even through the harsh environment that surrounds direct sales companies. I was responsible for completing the launch of a new lifestyle-centered catalog, which was an awesome exercise in art direction and collaboration with amazing talent. We're also undergoing a sweeping overhaul of all existing web and mobile properties. Our main site and subsequent product family sites was stripped down to bare essentials in order to act as a narrative sales tool for our distributors, and our back office suite is being re-tooled to guide new distributors into growing their business quickly with a goal-centered approach that distills complex information and presents it in a clearly actionable way. We are achieving this through extensive user testing and research measuring the effectiveness of design choices through monitoring analytics (bounce rates, engagement time) as well as customer service feedback.

Close up of Xango product page layoutWireframes for Xango product pagesMobile view of Xango websiteTablet view of Xango back office dashboardXango product catalogsXango ten year anniversary magazine adXango mobile Android app


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Startup Weekend events always get pretty hectic, and this one was no exception. I was drafted onto a team to create a new service with an accompanying app that enabled business-types at industry events to schedule open office-hours with anyone they'd like to network with, with a heavy emphasis on interests and actual conversation rather than titles and companies. Startup Weekends are also an interesting exercise where I get to bring everyone together and quickly step through the typical process of goal prioritization, user research, and content strategy "workshops" in order to distill a concrete direction for an MVP to present. We ended up winning 2nd place overall and taking home the design award (at a designed-themed weekend!) and some of the team has moved on to actually building out the project.

Just for Fun
App flow document close-upWireframe sketches of appPlanning process with teamSpur app schedule screenSpur app map screen


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Startups are inherently difficult endeavors no matter what, but to add another layer of complexity and risk, Blacksmith Mfg. decided to tackle the business of manufacturing physical goods for others. We created a small design team and educated our salespeople and clients on different materials and manufacturing processes. We also helped guide companies through rapid product development cycles, applying agile planning methods to physical manufacturing, working with companies like Activision, Billabong, RVCA, Nixon, and many others. Our team created everything from high-level concept pitches all the way down to technical sketches detailing how users might interact with the product.

The team recently asked me to work with them again on designing a brand new website. Their previous site had been geared towards project management in the backend with the public-facing side being somewhat neglected. The new site will focus on creating a walkthrough of the product development process and will highlight the different services they offer to companies looking to get into making products for retail.

Sketches of blacksmith logosBlacksmith MFG stationeryproduct technical sketchBlackmsith produced Nixon packagingBlackmsith produced Call of Duty merchandiseBlackmsith produced iphone casesBlackmsith produced backpack


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I was fortunate enough to be brought on by the talented folks at Lever Pulley on the redesign of the Utah Small Business Development Centers' (the SBA's state program) website. They wanted a modern, friendly, and responsive design that highlighted the various education materials, events, and resources they bring to small business owners who are struggling to start or grow their business. This included access to local resources, educational modules, and various events. The major challenge was to create something that was modular enough to apply across an extensive and deep application but still be approachable and appeal to the wide range of businesses in Utah, from rural ranchers to software firms in downtown. The stakeholders were very receptive to trying out a more modern and collaborative approach to the project, which was a very refreshing change to the typical expectation of stacks of Photoshop mockups. We worked together through the information architecture, wireframes, style tiles, and finally module design phases.

SBDC main siteWebsite information architectureSBDC business modulesSBDC mobile site view

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Personal - A side project started by developer extraordinaire and my friend Clay Ferris, combines our love of video games with building small, helpful products. The quick pitch: With flash sales and so many awesome AAA and indie games coming out lately, gamers' backlogs and wishlists grow pretty rapidly. helps solve that by allowing gamers to quickly create lists to organize and rate games (such as: wishlists, currently playing, beaten, abandoned, etc.) and compare and swap items on the lists with friends. In a nutshell: Trello meets Letterboxd for games. Built using Grunt, Sass, AngularJS and the Giant Bomb API.

Public beta soon main site friend view animation


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Personal - Borne of frustration with the reporting tools built into the solar photovoltaic array attached to my house, an app intended to clean up and distill the complex information surrounding one's monthly electricty input and output. Research included reams of power bills from around the country, studies into consumption patterns, and limited user interviews. Designed to take a variety of inputs from solar panels, the power meter, and even electricty usage monitors like Watt Killer and present the information in an actionable and human-friendly way. There is also a social component built in, to help you compare your usage patterns against friends, which in studies has show to reduce electricty usage. This idea was pitched to the Samsung Accelerator at the end of 2013 and led to me being flown to NYC by Adobe to lead panel discussions on the future of design at a Behance/99U event, which was a blast!

Always in development
current app analytics view on ipadcurrent app social viewcurrent app dashboard wireframecurrent app dashboard view on ipad

We're all just stories in the end...

Science fiction geek, voracious reader, video game enthusiast. I've had a decently storied past: working on printing presses, designing clothing for major luxury brands, touring the country in the back of a smelly van with my band, working in film, helping startups design products, and now working in-house leading design at Sprig.

My new blog is still lacking in content but I am writing more stuff HERE. I tend to post sketches up for sale on SOCIETY6. Also, tumblr sometimes has things I LIKE. I take pictures and put them on INSTAGRAM. I post works-in-progress to DRIBBBLE and put code up on GITHUB.

I am always nerding out on some subject or another. As such I recently graduated from the UX Engineering bootcamp at Code Fellows in lovely Seattle. I even used these skills to build this site from scratch using Grunt, Sass, and a sprinkling of JS.

Are you a company that is building meaningful products that will help contribute to making my science fiction dreams come true? Hit me up! I am also available for limited freelance work. EMAIL ME.